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Watch Dwayne from Sun City, CA Comments

Dwayne has 20,000 songs on iTunes and spent hundreds of hours collecting songs. But he isn't sure Carbonite is the best place to store his music. Leo says it isn't. It would take too long to upload: 100GB would take about 3 months. So Leo recommends Google Music. It's free and he'll be able to keep 25,000 there.

Also, backing up to a hard drive and then taking that drive off-site is a good idea. He should have at least three different backups, on two different forms of media, with one located off site.

(Disclaimer: Carbonite is a sponsor)

Watch Robert from Upland, CA Comments

Robert has a question for Scott Wilkinson. He wants to know why the dialogue is far more quiet than sound effects and music on his home theater system. Leo suspects a center channel problem. Scott says that the dynamic range of a movie is very wide, meaning that quiet parts are quiet and effects are louder. In the movie theater there isn't much he can do of course, but at home Robert can use "midnight mode," or dynamic compression mode, which compresses that range. He can also increase the center channel volume.

Watch Lily from Oceanside, CA Comments

Lily has a Samsung Galaxy Note 3. She loves the huge screen but says that there's a huge learning curve to it. Leo says that's likely because of all the pointless stuff that Samsung has loaded it up with. S-Voice is an example of that. Leo prefers Google's voice control. She can disable it in the Android's "Language and Input" settings. Choose "US English" as the default language. Lily could even root the phone or just tap the microphone button in the search bar and speak into that.

Watch Lily from Oceanside, CA Comments

Lily needs a good bluetooth headset because she spends a lot of time on the road. Leo says that wired is always better than bluetooth, but the best Bluetooth headsets are the Jawbone, and the Blueant Q3.

Another option is The Boom, which offers a boom mic that would get right in front of your mouth.

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Watch Chris from Lakewood, CA Comments

Chris wants some good quality computer speakers, and is wondering if Bose speakers would be worth it. They don't have a subwoofer, though. What does Leo recommend? Leo says that computer speakers are tiny by design and a small speaker isn't going to give him much bass. That's what the subwoofer is for.

Leo suggests a good three way speaker system with a subwoofer. CNET has a great roundup of the best PC speakers and they recommend AudioEngines. This doesn't come with a subwoofer either, but AudioEngines does make a great subwoofer as well. It's not cheap, though.

What about Bose? Bose has gotten more marketing-oriented over the last few years and their quality has suffered to the point that Leo doesn't consider them a main line brand anymore.

Watch Virginia from Mission Viejo, CA Comments

Virginia watches Netflix on her Roku Box, but she can't get it to work with her home theater unless she disables the security on her PC. So she ends up just watching it on her computer. She's now thinking about just getting a larger monitor.

Leo says he doesn't get why that is happening. She should be able to just connect the Roku to the internet and watch Netflix through that. The computer doesn't have to be involved at all. Leo says that the latest Roku 3 can work wirelessly. But it uses HDMI, which is going to be a challenge for Virginia's TV. A Roku 2 may be a better option for her since it can connect with through component cables.

Leo says that a normal setup would be to connect the Roku to the TV and then go into the Roku settings and find the Wi-Fi Internet connection. It should see it and connect. Leo suspects that Virginia's connection has been more complicated that it needed to be.

Watch Earl from Reston, VA Comments

Earl bought an HP Windows Home Server and now that it's not supported by Microsoft anymore, he wants to know if he can convert it to a media server. Leo says sure! Just because Microsoft doesn't support Windows Home server doesn't mean it won't work anymore. It's fairly straight forward to set up. The real challenge will be digitizing everything. Once it's all digitized, it can be stored and made available by all computers on Earl's network. Paul Thurrott of was a huge fan of Windows Home Server.

This is a category of products, though, and there are more similar options on the market. It's called Network Attached Storage, or NAS. It's a computer with multiple hard drives with no monitor, mouse, or keyboard because that box connects to your router and it's controlled through the browser from other computers. It can be used to backup all computers on the network, store media, and serve that to a variety of devices including phones and tablets, too. Leo uses Synology and Netgear's ReadyNAS to do this. In some ways they're better than Windows Home Server, since they run on Linux. Windows is overkill for such a setup. These devices often have room for 4 drives in the enclosure for more capacity and more data redundancy. He could get a Synology drive with just a single drive in it too.

There's a good open source option called Amahi, which is a really neat home server system designed to take the place of Windows Home Server. He would have to provide his own hardware, but it's a good way to run a home server. It's a great idea if he's a techie and wants to roll his own home network.

Watch Alex from North Hollywood, CA Comments

Alex has a Mac Mini and he has it mounted in such a way that he can't reach the switch to turn it on/off. Leo says that Apple keyboards have a power button. But there's also a keyboard key combination that does it. Another option is Apple's remote desktop.

Watch Michele from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Michele got a text from someone saying "Merry Christmas" and she has no idea who it is, though he's in her contacts. Leo suggests that it may be someone through social media - via Google+ or Facebook, which can be set up to automatically sync to a contact list. Twitter, Linked In, and Skype may do this as well. Outside of that, Outlook has a setting that automatically adds anyone she would email to her contact list. If she can narrow it down to where these contacts are coming from, then she can disable the sync option to her contacts.

Michele says she's also had a sudden jump in text charges. Leo says to use a different messenger for texts. The chatroom says that if she does not have a texting plan, her wireless company will charge her extra for images as well. Leo says another rogue app may be using MMS without her knowledge. She should avoid wallpaper packs, since those are popular for malware. The wallpaper

to your contact list anyone you ever email. It may also be Skype. Some app in her phone let this guy in. If you can narrow down where, then you can disable the sync option to your contacts. She's also had a sudden jump in text charges. Leo also suggests using a different text messenger. The chatroom also says that if you do not have a texting plan, your wireless company will charge you extra for images. Leo says another rogue app may be using MMS without her knowledge. And avoid wallpaper packs, they're popular with malware. And the wallpaper may be downloaded via MMS, which would cost her.

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Watch Bill from Redondo Beach, CA Comments

Bill would like to delete his Facebook account. Leo says that he can do this in the Facebook Security settings, but Facebook won't get rid of it right away. They'll put it in an inactive status for a few months and as long as he doesn't log back on, they will delete everything.

Watch Rick from San Diego, CA Comments

Rick wants to know if Windows 8.1 is better than Windows 8. Leo says yes it is, and it's always a better idea to go with the latest version of the OS, if for no other reason than security updates. But Windows 8.1 has enabled users to bring back the Start button and can work much more like Windows 7.

Leo also recommends getting Start8 by Stardock. It's only $5 and can make Windows 8 look exactly like Windows 7.

Watch Dave from Las Vegas, NV Comments

Dave got a new Mac Mini for Christmas. Can he add an SSD drive via Thunderbolt? Leo says that some Mini's come with SSD and it's a great idea. He'll want to make sure the I/O bus is faster than the SSD, and Thunderbolt is just fine for that.