Why does my tablet's browser keep crashing on certain sites?

Episode 1042 (2:09:29)

Terri from Lake Tahoe, CA

Terri's Toshiba Excite tablet crashes when she loads Yahoo Mail. Leo's guessing that it has to do with faulty javascript code that causes the issue on some sites, but not others. Leo suggests restarting or resetting it. She should remember to backup her stuff first, then reset it. And even then, it may not fix it.

The chatroom says that sometimes webpages put a toolbar on the webpage that stays as you scroll and that could be causing the issue. Clear the browser cache. Leo also suggests using the Chrome Browser instead.

She also wanted to thank Leo for letting her know about FoxFi, which can turn an Android device into a hotspot for free with no root. Leo says that it may not work with the latest version of Android, but her Excite tablet isn't running the latest software, so it's still working for Terri.