Why can't I stream DirecTV anymore on my first generation iPad?

Episode 1042 (1:57:31)

Al from Lancaster, CA
Apple iPad (First gen)

Al wants to know if there's a way he could watch Sunday Ticket on his original iPad. He used to be able to, but after the latest DirecTV update, he can't. Leo says that it sounds like DirecTV upgraded their software to require iOS 6 or later.

There is a lot of debate over why Apple makes its hardware obsolete so quickly. Apple is making all apps update to be compatible with iOS7 and that's the choice that was made. It's how Apple strongarms users to buy new harware and he says it's pure greed. That first generation iPad still works fine, and Leo doesn't believe there's any technical reason that it shouldn't be able to run new apps. Leo's going to be "Secret Santa" and send Al a new iPad because he's on a fixed income and can't afford it.