Why can't I adjust the size of my Windows icons?

Episode 1041 (37:47)

Johnny from Los Angeles, CA

Johnny has a new Windows 8 computer and made his Windows icons larger. He doesn't like it that way, but when he tries to revert to the previous size, it won't let him do that. He tried to refresh it, and it not only didn't work, but he lost everything! So it's even worse. Can he just reinstall Windows XP?

Leo says that would cause a serious mess, so he shouldn't do that. The Chatroom says that it could be that the resolution of the monitor had been changed. Hold down the CTRL key and scroll the mouse wheel. That could adjust the screen resolution. It's easy to do by accident. He can also right-click the desktop, create the screen resolution, and then select "recommended." Leo also suggests creating a new user to see if the issue persists.