What can I do if my identity gets stolen?

Episode 1041 (1:39:54)

Steve from Los Angeles, CA

Steve was a victim of identity theft after applying for a home loan online. Leo says that all it really takes to steal your identity is your date of birth and social security number. What can he do? Lifelock is one solution. Leo says it's very frustrating and the credit reporting agencies aren't sympathetic at all. He could pay them a monthly fee, sure. Leo also says there's so much ID theft that police are drastically undermanned and just can't keep up.

Fraud alerts are very useful, and he can sign up with the three agencies to reject without contacting him first. Credit holds are good, but it takes 90 days and he'd have to redo it. The pity is that the government says to not use the SSN as a form of ID, but it is. Vigilance is the only solution and that's unfortunate. Sadly, credit card companies have no interest in protecting him because it's a profit center for them. It's not going to get better, either.