How can I fix a blue screen of death while gaming?

Episode 1041 (1:19:39)

John from Wisconsin

John's favorite game "League of Legends" on the Windows platform. But he's getting the dreaded BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) frequently. Leo says there's a discussion on the League of Legends forums about that very issue.

Leo suspects it may be an issue with the computer overheating, though. Hardware crashes aren't usually a result of something in software. He should make sure the fans are operating. A good cleaning won't hurt. It could also be a video card problem. Leo recommends updating the video card drivers. He'll want the WHQL certified drivers, and he should be sure he has enough free space on his drive.

Leo also says that since he's running Windows 8, he should upgrade to Windows 8.1. This will allow him to boot into desktop mode and it fixes a lot of bugs.