How can I open my NEAT Database? (Part 1)

Episode 1040 (1:59:48)

Karen from Diamond Bar, CA

Karen is using the NEAT Desktop scanner and she's not getting support on the scanner software. She wanted to put them up on DropBox but NEAT doesn't support that. NEAT's email support isn't very helpful either.

Leo says he has a hunch that the files are in a format that's similar in PDF so if she can open them, she can export them. But Karen says that software has stopped working, so she can't open it. Leo says that's the problem with using a proprietary software. Leo advises writing the CEO and mention she complained on Leo's show and let him know she needs help. Leo also points out that DropBox isn't HIPPA compliant, so as a doctor, Karen shouldn't use that option anyway.

That chatroom suggests using a different computer. She should install NEAT on that and then copy the database to that. Then export it. If it still won't open, it's probably corrupt. The good news is, she can probably choose a rebuild database option to rebuild it.

Is there an open source office option? Leo says yes, there's Open Office, Libre Office, and even Google Docs.