How can I get an iPhone unlocked to work on Straight Talk?

Episode 1040 (1:48:27)

Carol from San Diego, CA

Carol bought an AT&T phone but can't unlock it without a phone number to use it on Straight Talk. Leo says it's not likely that she'll be able to get AT&T to unlock it. Leo said that Carol bought it at the subsidized price, so she'll have to go with AT&T for two years. Unless it's a used iPhone, in which case Leo says that Carol can get it unlocked. If she's an AT&T customer in good standing, she can. But since Carol isn't, then she'll have to go to with AT&T Straight Talk in order to use it. Leo also says to go to a local independent cellphone dealer and see if they'll be willing to unlock it for her. They may charge her, but it may be worth it.