What happened to Limewire? (Part 2)

Episode 1039 (1:24:05)

Hank from Westchester, PA

Hank is wondering what happened to Limewire. Leo says they got sued out of existence. Hank's wondering if there's anything else similar to it that's out now. Leo says that Limewire is dead because people used it to illegally share music, according to the record industry, and when they won in court Limewire was blocked forever. This happened 2010. Piracy has never ended, though, and now Bittorrent is the piracy method of choice.

Another thing that has taken the place of piracy are subscription-based services like Spotify, Google Music, Amazon Music and others. With these, Hank wouldn't own the music, but he would have access to it. Hank said that a lot of the more obscure music that he enjoys isn't on those services, though. Leo agrees that Limewire used to be great for the old, weird music.