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Episode 1039 December 14, 2013

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Audience Questions

Audience QuestionsHour 1

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Watch Mona from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Mona's iPad 3 was stolen recently, then she found it for sale on Craigslist. Leo suggests remotely wiping the device when it gets stolen. Since Mona had so much personal data on that iPad, it leaves her vulnerable. Turning on Find My iPhone can help locate it.

Mona wants to replace it and she only has the choice of the iPad 2 or iPad Air. Leo says that the iPad 3 was discontinued, and Mona isn't going to want the iPad 2 because it's slower. Leo says that she could look on the Apple site for refurbished units. Mona could also take a look at Android tablets.

Watch John from San Diego, CA Comments

John took Leo's advice and put Google AdSense on his webpage. Then his site got bought! Recently, he bought the DJI Phantom 2 Vision Quadcopter and he says it's the coolest gadget ever. Leo says that they are amazing for getting aerial footage. Johns says the great thing about the new Phantom is that it comes with a swivel camera that enables him to move the camera around while flying. The battery life is twice as much at 25 minutes, too.

John wants to create a newsletter and he wants to know what Leo uses. Leo advises Constant Contact or Mail Chimp. Leo also says that it's more about content than who he uses.

Watch Rick from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Leo thinks that Windows 7 is the best version of Windows ever. Microsoft has decided to move everyone to a tablet interface, with big tiles that can be tapped with a finger. Windows 8 is really designed for touch, and is a hybrid between a desktop and tablet interface, which makes it confusing. If Rick can get a Windows 7 system, then he should do that. If he stays with Windows XP, he'll be vulnerable to attacks when Microsoft stops supporting it this Spring.

Rick says he uses AVG antivirus and Spyware Doctor currently. Leo advises not installing either one of those on his new system because Microsoft offers a free program called Security Essentials. The antivirus software is only a backup to Rick's behavior, though. It's easy for viruses to bypass antivirus programs, so he just needs to take caution when opening attachments in email and when downloading things online.

Rick is backing up his computer to a MyPassport hard drive. He has a lot of business documents on it. He should make sure to have multiple copies of each of his files. Ultimately, he should have 2 copies on 2 different forms of media, and another copy that's off-site.

Audience QuestionsHour 2

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Watch Leslie from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Leslie is looking for a camera in the $300 range with decent megapixels and Wi-Fi built-in. Leo says that megapixels aren't as important as they used to be, but taking 1080p HD video is a plus. Leo likes the Canon Powershots. The Canon PowerShot S110 is great quality. It's 12MP, has a 3" LCD screen, and has 5x optical zoom. Leo also says that mirrorless cameras are going to be the future. He likes the Olympus OMD micro four thirds camera as well.

This PowerShot is Wi-Fi certified, which means it can exchange images with another PowerShot, print from Wi-Fi enabled printer, and use GPS information wirelessly. But the Wi-Fi usage is limited. Sony's cameras have Wi-Fi as well, but it requires an app on the desktop or tablet and is more complicated.

Watch Bill from Pasadena, CA Comments

Bill's office recently got broken into and several computers were stolen. He's having a lot of issues opening the data he backed up in open source applications like Open Office. Leo says that Open Office has issues in OS X Mavericks. Libre Office 4.1 may work better for him. Should Bill roll back his Mac to Mountain Lion? Leo says that's a possibility. Leo suggests trying a brief month to month subscription to Microsoft Office 365. That may be the best route. But for a free, open source solution, Libre Office 4.1 is the best choice.

Watch Frank from Vancouver, WA Comments

Frank has a Google Nexus 7 and has been using tethering. He updated the OS to KitKat and the tethering option has disappeared. When he takes the SIM card out, it reappears, but when he puts it back, and it disappears again. Leo says that it's likely AT&T doing that. They want to charge him for hotspotting and tethering. If he doesn't pay for it, they're not going to let him do it. It's also happened to T-Mobile users. Some solutions will require him to root his tablet, which is certainly possible.

The Chatroom says that ES File Explorer Manager has tethering and hotspotting built into it, so he can use that to work around it.

Watch Ronny from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Ronny was having issues with his hotspotting feature on his iPhone 5, and when he took his phone in about it, they wanted him to backup to iTunes. He doesn't know the password for it, though. Leo says that the password for his backups is usually the same as the computer's password. If the company had set it, and he doesn't know what that is, he'll have to get the password from them.

Watch Hank from Westchester, PA Comments

Hank wants to know if hotspotting on the iPhone can turn it into a repeater. Leo says it can be a wireless hotspot, but the carrier would have to allow it. Sometimes he would have to pay extra depending on the carrier. Then in the settings he could turn on the hotspot which will turn it into a Wi-Fi access point.

Watch Hank from Westchester, PA Comments

Hank is wondering what happened to Limewire. Leo says they got sued out of existence. Hank's wondering if there's anything else similar to it that's out now. Leo says that Limewire is dead because people used it to illegally share music, according to the record industry, and when they won in court Limewire was blocked forever. This happened 2010. Piracy has never ended, though, and now Bittorrent is the piracy method of choice.

Another thing that has taken the place of piracy are subscription-based services like Spotify, Google Music, Amazon Music and others. With these, Hank wouldn't own the music, but he would have access to it. Hank said that a lot of the more obscure music that he enjoys isn't on those services, though. Leo agrees that Limewire used to be great for the old, weird music.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Scott from Realto, CA Comments

Scott uses both Chrome and Internet Explorer on his old Dell Latitude, but I.E. is really slow. Leo says that's because the computer is older. He believes that if Scott backed up his data, formatted his hard drive, and then reinstalled the OS and updated it, he'd notice an immediate improvement in speed. Scott also noticed that his updates aren't installing. Leo says that's likely a sign that the computer's security has been breached. It's time to reformat and reinstall Windows.

Watch Jeff from Woodland Hills, CA Comments

Jeff is having trouble formatting PDF files with his Mac vs. his boss's PC. Leo recommends using the same program on both computers to make the PDF, like Adobe Reader. It's free. But Leo isn't crazy about it for security reasons. Another one that Leo likes is PDFPen, but it's not cheap. He can try it before he buys it, though.

Watch Cassidy from Norco, CA Comments

Cassidy picked up a Windows Surface RT tablet on Black Friday, but he's not much of a fan of it. What Android tablet would Leo recommend? Leo says that the Google Nexus 10 or Nexus 7 are great options, although the Nexus 10 is due for an update.

Acer, Lenovo, and even Dell make Android tablets. Better value than Apple, in Leo's opinion. Leo suggests the Samsung Galaxy Note or Galaxy Tab as well. The Chatroom recommends the Acer Memo 10", but Leo warns against no name knockoff tablet makers. Low cost, but poor performance.

Watch Bill from Palm Desert, CA Comments

Bill bought an Alienware PC and it has bloatware on it called MyPCBackup. He's getting annoying popups from it, and can't take it off. Leo says that this type of trialware is unfortunately how Dell makes a little extra money. There is the option of paying a little more and getting a PC without any trialware on it, so he can keep that in mind for the future.

PCDecrapifier is designed to get rid of all the Trialware that comes with a computer. It may be a good idea to try it. The chatroom also says in Windows 8, Windows Key + X will take him to "Remove Programs."

Watch Andy from Lake Forest, CA Comments

Andy has a cheap N router and wants to know if his connection would be faster with an AC router. Leo says no. AC is actually faster than the Internet connection itself. It works for AC enabled hardware and in-network transfers, but it won't really make his internet faster.

Watch Bill from Buena Park CA Comments

Bill has a really old database written in Q&A and it has a lot of data in it. It's 35 years old, and he's concerned that he'll lose it all. Leo says that backup is vital, but the real issue is to be sure Bill guards that program. He has to make an "export" that's readable by other databases. CSV is probably the best option. It would allow him to export it into Excel or other programs. Leo says it's time to modernize the database itself. Leo suggests hiring a consultant who can do it.