Why does my computer keep crashing?

Episode 1038 (2:31:48)

Cindi from Long Beach, CA

Cindi's computer has been crashing and she only uses one program that takes up most of her space. Leo says that Windows PCs don't run well when the hard drives are mostly full. Leo says that since Cindi's computer is used for large scale printing, it's likely most of that room is taken up by saving image files on the computer hard drive. It'll be better to have her data on an external drive instead.

Can she just take the hard drive out of this computer and put it into another one? Leo says that isn't practical because the hardware settings are the same and it'll confuse the OS. Additionally, Cindi's computer has been calibrated for a specific monitor, and that would need to be redone. It's probably best to just start over. Return that computer because it's obvious it's defective.