Johnny Jet

Episode 1038 (2:17:42)

Johnny has been doing a German Riverboat cruise through Viking as part of his last winter tip to Europe. With bad weather everywhere, Johnny decided to talk about what to do when your flight gets cancelled due to bad weather. It helps to have a travel agent who can take care of things as they happen. There's also For $150 they will do everything if you're stuck.

In the case of cancellations, it pays to be prepared. Always have a backup plan. Have the phone numbers in your phone. Follow the airlines twitter feeds. Tweet them for help. Time is of the essence because you want to be the first person in line. Sign up for flight notifications with your airlines and monitor it. Leo says that travel has become a competitive sport these days. A great app is called FlightCaster. It has a flight delay prediction on the likelihood if your flight will be delayed, and it's free. It's only good for domestic flights though.

How do you find a good travel agent? Get referrals from friends. Find specialists for niche travel.