How can I turn off an Apple Cinema Display?

Episode 1038 (1:01:56)

Peter from Brooklyn, NY
Apple Cinema Display

Peter has a 27" iMac with two additional Apple Cinema displays. Sometimes he only wants to use one but they won't shut off because there's no on/off switch.

Leo says that it goes back to Steve Jobs who hated on/off switches. So the displays have no buttons. There is ResX, which could control it, but likely won't turn it off. Someone should write a program or script that would do it, and there may be an app in the app store already. There's an app called "Should I Sleep?" But that only keeps a monitor on. There's always a power strip with an on/off switch to kill the power.

The Chatroom says that iGo makes a product that may do it.

Peter would also like to burn DVDs, and Leo says that iMovie is an easy choice that he already has.