How could I run public announcements to a school from an iPad?

Episode 1038 (21:32)

Myra from Anaheim, CA

Myra is a high school computer science teacher and she's preparing for Science Week's "Hour of Code," by She's going to use various methods including Scratch and Alice. Leo says that Alice is a great way to teach kids how to code because it's fun, like a game.

She's a PC person and wants to make public announcements via her iPad and a microphone to the PA system. Leo says to get the file and open it in iTunes, then transfer it to the iPad. Leo says she can also email it to the iPad or use DropBox. There's plenty of ways. Apple never designed the iPad to behave like a conventional file system; everything is sandboxed.

Myra is also trying to get computer science to count as an requirement for Science/Math at the University of California. She has a petition at