How can I convert an old video CD to DVD?

Episode 1038 (1:34:34)

Don from Long Beach, CA

Don has a video CD and he'd like to convert it to DVD. Leo says it depends on the format. Don says it's TVOX. Leo says that the idea would be to get it off the CD without more compression. Leo suggests VideoLan's VLC Player. It can save it out as well. But it's giving him an error.

The Chatroom says he'll have to enable "VCD" in the settings. Leo also says that Total Video Converter may be able to do it. It has a "try before you buy" feature. That Chatroom also suggests FreeMake and Handbrake. Leo says Handbrake is good. He'll also want to be sure he encodes it to MPEG2, but he should let the software handle that.

Another good place to look is