Why is my Chromecast dropping the Wi-Fi connection?

Episode 1037 (1:02:44)

Al from Chula Vista, CA

Al is having trouble with his Chromecast dropping his internet connection. Leo says that Al is using Comcast's ActionTek router and there may be interference on the 2.4 Ghz band. He recommends going with a higher band, like 5 Ghz. Most other stuff uses 2.4 Ghz and it's getting pretty crowded. Another option, if he can't go with 5 GHz, is to choose another channel on the farthest end. ActionTek uses Channel 1, so he should try Channel 11. That should clear the field and help Al to connect.

The Chromecast also has it's own Wi-Fi router built in. So Al may have to go into its settings to change it and he isn't sure it supports 5 GHz. Also, he should go to MetaGeek and download "Inssider." It'll give him an analysis of what his Wi-Fi network looks like. Leo also recommends turning off SSID Hiding. If someone wants to hack into his Wi-Fi, they can probably still see it. And be sure to turn on WPA2 encryption.