How can I sync audio wirelessly from my TV?

Episode 1036 (1:41:41)

David from Los Angeles, CA

David has two TVs separated by about 25' and connected wirelessly. But one of the TV's receivers is locking up and the audio is out of sync. Leo says that the wireless transmitter/receiver may be failing. Wireless audio syncing is a kind of dark art. Sonos is really good at that. He should check the settings in his Action Tec wireless transmitter. An audio sync device may make a difference.

Also, it may be that since the transmitter is at 2.4 GHz, that it's overcrowded with every other Wi-Fi device. If he can change settings or change to another band, that could help. Another possibility is that the TV settings may have changed when the power went out, going back to factory settings.

Leo found Action Tec to be unreliable, though. The Chatroom says DVDO AirG3 Wireless adapter works well. Leo suspects they may be very similar. But it does use a different band (60GHz).