How can I rip DVDs to a hard drive?

Episode 1036 (19:38)

Chuck from Camarillo, CA

Chuck has transferred all his videos to DVD. Now he wants to put them all on a hard drive for his kids, with pictures, and more. Leo says that for 30 DVDs, a 250GB hard drive would be sufficient. He could even put a DVD player on it like VLC Media Player, which is free, and would allow him to make a playlist of all the DVDs. Chuck would also have to convert all the VOB files. The easiest thing would be to have a folder for each DVD and copy it over. Put the VLC player on the top level and have it play each folder. He could also have both versions of VLC for Mac and PC on it. That would make the files platform neutral.

He could also use Handbrake and VLC to rip the discs and convert them into mp4 files so they could be put on an iPad or iPhone. This is more time consuming, though.