How can I keep my camera steady?

Episode 1036 (2:18:31)

Ruth from Anaheim, CA

Ruth is having trouble with her Coolpix 9500 camera. Leo says it's a light and small camera and if Ruth is having trouble keeping it steady, it's not surprising. The camera is also really smooth and that makes it harder to hold onto. There's better options out there.

Leo likes Canon cameras, but the very idea of a pocket camera is to make it easier to slip in and out of a pocket. That takes away any hand holds. The Fuji Finepix line are very affordable. The Fuji S4800 has a nice grip to hold onto. Canon's SX40 and SX50 are excellent as well. Staying with the Nikon, the Coolpix 520 is another option.

Leo suggests going into a camera store or Best Buy to hold them. Usually trying out a camera will tell the tale.