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Episode 1036 December 1, 2013

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Audience Questions

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Watch Chuck from Camarillo, CA Comments

Chuck has transferred all his videos to DVD. Now he wants to put them all on a hard drive for his kids, with pictures, and more. Leo says that for 30 DVDs, a 250GB hard drive would be sufficient. He could even put a DVD player on it like VLC Media Player, which is free, and would allow him to make a playlist of all the DVDs. Chuck would also have to convert all the VOB files. The easiest thing would be to have a folder for each DVD and copy it over. Put the VLC player on the top level and have it play each folder. He could also have both versions of VLC for Mac and PC on it. That would make the files platform neutral.

He could also use Handbrake and VLC to rip the discs and convert them into mp4 files so they could be put on an iPad or iPhone. This is more time consuming, though.

Watch Michael from Florence, AL Comments

Michael is a podcaster and wants to be able to provide audio back to his callers. Leo says this is called a "Mix minus," which would let the caller hear everything but themselves. He'll need a mixing board to route the audio back through Skype. There is a software solution for Mac called Audio Hijack Pro by Rogue Amoeba, but it's not that easy to set up. SoundFlower is another way to route audio. Virtual Jack will do this on the PC.

Check out the BamaCarry Podcast if you have an interest in the 2nd amendment.

Watch Brian from Winterhaven, FL Comments

Brian and his wife have been using Straight Talk wireless and recently brought over an unlocked Windows Phone to their plan. But she can't send images via attachment. Everything else works, just not MMS. Leo says that it may not be supported. Brian says his plan does support it. Leo says normally it's an APN setting, and he may need to change his data settings on StraightTalk's website here. StraightTalk has a forum post that may help him. There's a setting called "MMS C" that needs to be enabled.

Brian has written a book on information technology and security and has dedicated it to Leo's work. Leo says the book on information security is much needed.

Watch Rafael from Oporto, Portugal Comments

Rafael's phone dies while he still has battery life remaining. Leo says that the phone guesses how much battery life remains and often it's an inaccurate guess. So it should be taken with a grain of salt. It may have just crashed, though. Leo says to charge the phone all the way up and then run it down until it shuts down. Do this several times and he will essentially "teach" his phone how long its battery life is.

It may also be a defective phone. Leo advises documenting his experience with it, and taking it to the Apple Store.

Watch Dan from Hawthorne, CA Comments

Dan has a Kindle Fire HD and he can't connect his tablet to the Internet. Leo says that since Dan bought his own modem, he'll need to call the cable company and give them the MAC address so they can activate that router for use on their service. Once that's done, he'll plug in the cable modem to the router and then put the router into "bridge" mode. Leo advises spending time at Practically Networked. There's some great tutorials there.

Audience QuestionsHour 2

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Watch Dave from La Mesa, CA Comments

Dave has upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy S4 and now he's thinking about getting a tablet. Since he wants to replace a laptop, he's wondering about a 10" option. Leo says that Android tablets have caught up to the iPad and there's great options now. A Samsung Galaxy Note is a great choice. Try and avoid the temptation of buying a sub $100 Android tablet, though.

What about Dell or Lenovo? Leo says that they make some great Windows choices, but that's a different ecosystem. Leo advises taking a look at the Asus Transformer if he wants a good Windows tablet.

Watch Dave from La Mesa, CA Comments

Dave recently lost his Bose Bluetooth headset, and wants to know what he should get to replace it. Leo says that Bose is about as good as he can get, but there are plenty of options out there. BlueAnt, Plantronics, and Jawbone are all excellent options. The Chatroom likes LG.

Watch Randy from Mission Viejo, CA Comments

Randy upgraded to OS X Mavericks and doesn't like it. It's full of bugs and Apple has taken away many great options for no reason. He wants to know how to go back to Mountain Lion. Leo says he can launch the installer, then make a custom install that deletes Mavericks and reinstalls Mountain Lion.

Watch Justin from Honolulu, HI Comments

At his job, Justin has gotten into IT work and now he wants to get some formal education. Leo says that since Justin has worked in it for the last 5 years, he's got to be pretty accomplished. But he doesn't have a certification. Leo says that certs are for guys just starting out, not for experienced people. Leo says if he really wants his certifications, he should check out IT Pro.TV, which has an online monthly video subscription that will take him through everything he needs to know. Justin could go to a local Junior College as well.

(Disclaimer: IT Pro TV is a sponsor).

Watch David from Los Angeles, CA Comments

David has two TVs separated by about 25' and connected wirelessly. But one of the TV's receivers is locking up and the audio is out of sync. Leo says that the wireless transmitter/receiver may be failing. Wireless audio syncing is a kind of dark art. Sonos is really good at that. He should check the settings in his Action Tec wireless transmitter. An audio sync device may make a difference.

Also, it may be that since the transmitter is at 2.4 GHz, that it's overcrowded with every other Wi-Fi device. If he can change settings or change to another band, that could help. Another possibility is that the TV settings may have changed when the power went out, going back to factory settings.

Leo found Action Tec to be unreliable, though. The Chatroom says DVDO AirG3 Wireless adapter works well. Leo suspects they may be very similar. But it does use a different band (60GHz).

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Greg from Glendora, CA Comments

Greg bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 for $250 from the Home Shopping Network, but is wondering if he got ripped off. Leo says he did. The phone should've been free with the 2 year Virgin commitment.

Watch Stephanie from Arcadia, CA Comments

Stephanie wants to know what the difference is between the Slingbox 350 and the Slingbox 500. The main two differences is that the Slingbox 500 has Wi-Fi built in, if the cable modem isn't close to the TV, and it's also in HD. So if the modem is close to the TV, Leo thinks she'd be fine getting the Slingbox 350. If her husband will want to watch content in HD, though, she should go with the Slingbox 500.

Watch Rick from Huntington Beach, CA Comments

Rick wants to move to a new business internet provider. Leo says that T1 used to be the fastest internet connection, but conventional broadband has caught up. UVerse Business is faster and cheaper.

Watch Neil from Brea, CA Comments

Neil has been using Dragon Naturally Speaking because he's visually impaired, but he would like to see them make improvements. Leo says that Nuance bought Naturally Speaking, and just about every other competitor. Because of their dominance, Leo doesn't think they really care what they can do to improve it. The best he can do is write them.

Voice translation of the English language is no easy task. Google is doing some serious work, as are others, especially in China. So it won't be long before Nuance gets left in the dust anyway.

Watch Justin from Burney, CA Comments

Justin bought a Roku Box and has a bunch of movies and TV shows he bought on iTunes and wanted to stream them via Plex. Leo says that copy protection won't allow that, though. Justin says that's why he's buying discs again. He's wondering if he can rip them and stream them online? Leo says that once they're ripped, he could, but he'd have to have a media server and then log into it remotely. It's doable, as long as it's just for private use.

Watch Ruth from Anaheim, CA Comments

Ruth is having trouble with her Coolpix 9500 camera. Leo says it's a light and small camera and if Ruth is having trouble keeping it steady, it's not surprising. The camera is also really smooth and that makes it harder to hold onto. There's better options out there.

Leo likes Canon cameras, but the very idea of a pocket camera is to make it easier to slip in and out of a pocket. That takes away any hand holds. The Fuji Finepix line are very affordable. The Fuji S4800 has a nice grip to hold onto. Canon's SX40 and SX50 are excellent as well. Staying with the Nikon, the Coolpix 520 is another option.

Leo suggests going into a camera store or Best Buy to hold them. Usually trying out a camera will tell the tale.

Watch Gary from Merced, CA Comments

Gary says that Ooma has a Wi-Fi adapter and wants to know if he could install it for his mother in assisted living with their Wi-Fi. Leo says that the Wi-Fi in the complex may be unreliable or just plain slow. So while the technology may be ideal, the network they're using is probably not going to handle it.

Watch Dwayne from Oxnard, CA Comments

Dwayne just bought a WD MyCloud external drive and wants to clone his PC drive. Leo says that it's USB capable, but the USB port is only for attaching other hard drives. Leo suggests connecting an Ethernet cable and moving the data over with that. He can use SyncToy to sync them. There's also Second Copy from Centered Systems. The Chatroom says that the MyCloud folder on the desktop does that automatically.

Watch Jeremy from Studio City, CA Comments

Jeremy wants to know if he could run Minecraft on a Chromebook. Leo says that according to Mojang, the creators of Minecraft, he'd have to "root" the Chromebook and put Linux on it. Other than that, it would need a Java extension that Chromebook could use.

Watch Aaron from Glendale, CA Comments

Aaron has updated his Samsung Galaxy S3 and now his battery life has decreased. Leo says it may just be that the phone is older and the battery has diminished some. The phone isn't old enough to have battery life issues, though. So it's likely that there is a bug in the update that's causing some programs to run in the background. Doctor Mom in the chatroom had the same problems and suggests turning on power saving mode in Android.