What's the best way to share family videos?

Episode 1035 (14:34)

Jonathan from Rancho Cuca Monga, CA

Jonathan is thinking about digitizing home videos for his family and is wondering what form of media to put them on since his family uses iPods and tablets, etc. Leo says that in that case, putting them up on YouTube is a good idea and he can just keep the channel private. It also means that anyone can watch it. Making it available for download means that he'd have to format it for different versions depending on what device is being used. Leo says he won't have that issue with streaming.

The other option is to put it on his home network so that just his family can view it. Leo says if a Wi-Fi hotspot supports a hard drive, it can become a network hard drive that can be shared. Network Attached Storage (NAS) like Synology have media servers built in. That's the best way to go because he can have the best quality and a variety of formats available. He should check out Know How Episode 4 on setting one up.