What's the best laptop for a student?

Episode 1035 (1:03:09)

Mike from Orange County, CA

Mike needs to buy his son a laptop for school, and wants to know how he can get the most "bang" for his buck. Leo says that the Dell i5 for $549 is a pretty good price, especially since it comes with Microsoft Office. Mike is wondering if it will handle gaming via Steam? Leo says maybe not with the lower end hardware. Laptops are rarely fast enough for high performance gaming. More RAM helps, though. But he'll likely have to tone down the graphics on the game itself.

Before Mike buys from QVC, Leo recommends getting it directly from Dell. He'll probably get a better deal and warranty than being pushed last year's model at QVC. Is AMD good enough? Leo prefers Intel. AMD has never caught up and it's usually used in lower price models. Another option, minus gaming, is the Microsoft Surface 2 tablet. Get the attachable keyboard and he will have a great, budget student computer.

The Chatroom says that the Asus Q500 is a good option in Mike's price range.