What Ultrabook should I buy?

Episode 1035 (32:20)

Dan from San Diego, CA
Lenovo Ultrabook

Dan is looking to get a Lenovo Ultrabook for home use, but wants to know what model he should get and how much RAM to put in. Leo says for everyday use, an i5 Ultrabook with 4GB of RAM would be ideal. The only reason he'd want 8GB of RAM would be for media applications like Photoshop or video editing. For that, he'd want not only 8GB of RAM, but the i7 processor as well. The chatroom recommends checking out this article from Laptop Magazine, How Much RAM Do You Need?.

How about screen size? Leo says a 14" screen will be fine. He shouldn't fall for the upsell to a larger screen or more RAM.

What about the Nexus 5 phone? Leo loves it. It's a pure Google experience and if he wants it unlocked, he should get it from Google directly. Is 16GB of storage enough? Leo says it should be. Nowadays, people stream music and video, so the need to store things isn't as prevalent as before.