Can I repair my laptop screen?

Episode 1035 (2:10:10)

Kimberly from Maui, HI

Kimberly broke the screen on her high-end Dell, and the fix for it is about $490. Leo says that is an expensive price. Kim could just hook an external screen to it and use it as a desktop. She could also hook it up to a TV screen if she was traveling. It seems like a lot of money just to fix a screen. Leo says a third party laptop repair could save Kim some money. Dell is definitely over charging her.

David emailed in to tell us about His son had them repair an iPhone screen, and he had them do a MacBook Air screen. The MacBook Air screen cost $369, they did a good job, and it was fast.

Leo also advises backing up her data before going through with a repair. She should assume she's not going to get her hard drive back. In fact, she probably should wipe the drive before she sends it out. They usually restore the drive during the repair.

Here's a few suggestions on cloning her drive:

Imaging options include: