Will a virus survive formatting a hard drive?

Episode 1034 (42:22)

Lorraine from Corona, CA

Lorraine is wiping her hard drive and reinstalling, and is worried that if she doesn't partition her hard drive correctly, a virus could survive formatting. Leo says no, that was an urban legend that has since been debunked. There have been cases of viruses that could hide in the BIOS or in the memory of a video card or printer, but Leo's never seen it happen in real life. So there's no real worry.

Should she partition her hard drive? Leo says that Lorraine can and the advantage is that it gives the OS two drives to divide data and programs so the data doesn't have to be erased when reinstalling. She'll have to guess how much room she needs for each drive. She can even reselect her partitions, delete others, or just change the size of them. The OS is very sophisticated in handling that.