What HDTV should I get?

Episode 1034 (33:24)

Ricky from Albequerque, NM

Ricky wants to get his dad a new HDTV, and he's wondering whether he should get a high end LED TV or hold out for a 4K model? Leo says that 4K isn't really going do him any good for a few years. A back lit LED HDTV is the best way to go. Since Ricky's budget is about $2500, there's a lot of choices, especially with Black Friday coming. He'll be able to get deals up to 30% off.

With Ricky's budget though, Leo suggests looking at a plasma TV. And since many companies are getting out of the plasma game, this could be the last chance. Leo likes the Panasonic Viera ST60, which is selling right now for around $1600. It's important to realize that plasma is best in a room that can be darkened, not one that has bright, ambient light. The next step at the upper limit of Ricky's budget would be the Viera VT65, which Leo has and loves.

If he wants more bang for his buck, Vizio is a great value and would allow him to get a larger screen for the money. Then he could also add a home theater sound system. Since he's living in a high altitude, he's dealing with lower pressure so it's better for him to stay away from plasma.