What camcorder should I buy?

Episode 1034 (26:37)

Asher from Newfoundland, Canada

Asher's family is moving and he's planning on selling some stuff online. He's selling his Nikon D3100 and wants to know if the Canon HFR40 is a good alternative for streaming on YouTube. Leo says that stand alone camcorders are likely not going to be around as much in the near future. DSLR cameras can record comparable quality or in some cases better quality video now. He can also use his phone for when he's on the move.

There is an advantage to using Camcorders for video streaming, though. Leo uses the Canon Vixia HF10 at the Brickhouse Studios. The advantage is not having a time limit for recording, like DSLRs often have. It also has better zoom capabilities. However, it's generally better not to do a lot of zooming and not record for long periods of time anyway, unless he'd be recording a speech or something more long form. At $300 though, Leo says there's no reason not to get the camcorder if he wants that.