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Episode 1034 November 24, 2013

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Audience Questions

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Watch Asher from Newfoundland, Canada Comments

Asher's family is moving and he's planning on selling some stuff online. He's selling his Nikon D3100 and wants to know if the Canon HFR40 is a good alternative for streaming on YouTube. Leo says that stand alone camcorders are likely not going to be around as much in the near future. DSLR cameras can record comparable quality or in some cases better quality video now. He can also use his phone for when he's on the move.

There is an advantage to using Camcorders for video streaming, though. Leo uses the Canon Vixia HF10 at the Brickhouse Studios. The advantage is not having a time limit for recording, like DSLRs often have. It also has better zoom capabilities. However, it's generally better not to do a lot of zooming and not record for long periods of time anyway, unless he'd be recording a speech or something more long form. At $300 though, Leo says there's no reason not to get the camcorder if he wants that.

Watch Ricky from Albequerque, NM Comments

Ricky wants to get his dad a new HDTV, and he's wondering whether he should get a high end LED TV or hold out for a 4K model? Leo says that 4K isn't really going do him any good for a few years. A back lit LED HDTV is the best way to go. Since Ricky's budget is about $2500, there's a lot of choices, especially with Black Friday coming. He'll be able to get deals up to 30% off.

With Ricky's budget though, Leo suggests looking at a plasma TV. And since many companies are getting out of the plasma game, this could be the last chance. Leo likes the Panasonic Viera ST60, which is selling right now for around $1600. It's important to realize that plasma is best in a room that can be darkened, not one that has bright, ambient light. The next step at the upper limit of Ricky's budget would be the Viera VT65, which Leo has and loves.

If he wants more bang for his buck, Vizio is a great value and would allow him to get a larger screen for the money. Then he could also add a home theater sound system. Since he's living in a high altitude, he's dealing with lower pressure so it's better for him to stay away from plasma.

Watch Lorraine from Corona, CA Comments

Lorraine is wiping her hard drive and reinstalling, and is worried that if she doesn't partition her hard drive correctly, a virus could survive formatting. Leo says no, that was an urban legend that has since been debunked. There have been cases of viruses that could hide in the BIOS or in the memory of a video card or printer, but Leo's never seen it happen in real life. So there's no real worry.

Should she partition her hard drive? Leo says that Lorraine can and the advantage is that it gives the OS two drives to divide data and programs so the data doesn't have to be erased when reinstalling. She'll have to guess how much room she needs for each drive. She can even reselect her partitions, delete others, or just change the size of them. The OS is very sophisticated in handling that.

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Watch MaryAnne from Chatsworth, CA Comments

Maryanne recently bought a Samsung Galaxy S4 and she's missing the visual voice mail alerts. Leo says that may be due to a carrier restriction and may need to be set up with them.

Absent that, Maryanne should go into visual voicemail settings and look for the "display notifications" option. But there isn't a feature to have the phone jump up and grab her attention. One workaround is Google Voice. It will enable her to have a phone message follow her from phone to phone.

Watch OLee from California Comments

Olee has a hard drive that is full and he's going to put in a new hard drive with Windows already installed. Leo says that won't work. Windows won't just turn on due to Microsoft Genuine Advantage. Olee would have to format the hard drive and start over. He'd need Windows on a disc to reinstall it, though. Leo hates that computers are sold without OS discs anymore. It's a very shortsighted point of view, and manufacturers do it because of piracy concerns.

Leo recommends Olee call Microsoft and explain his situation and perhaps they'll activate it. But Olee will have issues with drivers being incorrect and more from the other hard drive. It's easier to just go online and buy the discs outright. They're on eBay all the time. The other option is to call the manufacturer (in this case, Dell), and ask for system recovery discs. Dell will probably send them for a nominal fee.

Watch Jonathan from Birch, VA Comments

Jonathan was checking to see how much space he had used on his iPhone, and noticed a category named "other", and is wondering what it is. Leo says it's application data that's been cached like downloaded files, OS backup files, websites, ebooks, etc. Leo says not to worry about it. It's a normal category that he really can't get rid of, unless he erases everything on his phone and starts over. Sometimes deleting old text messages can free up some of that space.

Watch Tony from Macon, VA Comments

Tony has grandkids and they want a game console. What video game console should he get? Leo suggests getting an older console, such as the PS3 or XBox 360.

The PS4 and XBox One will play the games Tony's kids like, but the quality is only marginally better. He can get great deals on the older platforms. In a few years, when all the games he wants are on the PS4 or XBox One, then it makes sense to go with the new platforms. He should just get it with a larger hard drive.

Watch Paul from Lake Forest, CA Comments

Paul has a Bluetooth Speaker adapter, but his Mac tries to pair with it when he doesn't want it to. Leo says the only thing he can do is turn off Bluetooth on the Mac to prevent it from pairing. Leo doesn't know of any way to tell the Mac to not pair with a visible and previously paired Bluetooth device.

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Watch Jordan from Glendale, CA Comments

Jordan has a 6 TB RAID array that stores all his video footage for his company. He's having a difficult time keeping track of all the video that has to be distributed online, though. PadreSJ in the chatroom says that there's a program called Digital Fountain that does real time data transport. That's an enterprise solution. There's also BrightCove Video Cloud. A more consumer solution is WeVideo. Another suggestion from the chatroom is to just ship the drives. Hollywood still does that!

Watch Alan from LaPorte, CO Comments

Alan needs to use a service like Constant Contact or Mailchimp for his business emails, but he's concerned that people may not read them or that they won't even get through because of spam and malware. Leo says that's the entire idea behind using those services since they know how to format the email with opt-out options, proper settings, etc.that prevent them from being relegated to Spam filters.

Leo recommends using ShareFile to securely share files. The advantage to this is that the clients won't have to sign up for anything, unlike Google Drive or Dropbox. He can get notified when the client downloads the file, he can set the link to expire, and more. It also has the proper encryption to make it HIPPA compliant.

(Disclaimer: ShareFile is a sponsor).

Watch Carla from Irvine, CA Comments

Carla is looking for a good microSD for her Samsung Galaxy S3, but she keeps hearing about them crashing. Leo says that microSD cards can crash like anything else. Sandisk is his brand of choice. What class should she get? Leo says class 4 or better is fine, but she shouldn't spend a lot of money on class 10 cards because a cellphone can't really use that speed. Since they can crash, it's vital for her to back up her images and videos as often as she can.

Watch Carla from Irvine, CA Comments

Carla wants to know if she would do any damage to her battery if she doesn't charge it right away after first getting it. Leo says to just use it, and it doesn't matter. There's a lot of misinformation about batteries from the earlier days of Nickel Metal Hydride batteries. Lithium Ion batteries have a certain number of cycles in them, typically 500 charges. If she would use half of it and then charge it, then she will have used up half of a cycle. That's all there is to it. In general, it's good to keep the phone plugged in as long as she can so it doesn't use a cycle. She doesn't have to "condition" the battery.

Watch Brandon from Springfield,MO Comments

Brandon wants to start making videos to post to YouTube, but he's noticed that a lot of his favorite YouTubers have great animated graphics. What can he use to get those great graphics? Leo says on the Mac, Apple's Motion is great and popular for filmmakers.

On the Windows platform, Blender is free, but it isn't easy to learn. Lightwave is a good one. The Chatroom also says Wax is great for video compositing and special effects. And looking at it, Leo says it's a good choice. Leo likes the idea of using a free option to learn from them. Then he can graduate to the pricier stuff like After Affects.