What tablet should I get for school?

Episode 1033 (53:38)

Britney from California
Microsoft Surface Pro 2

Britney is going into nursing school after the first of the year and wants to know what tablet she should get: a Samsung Galaxy Tab, Google Nexus 7, or the iPad. Leo says there isn't much difference quality-wise; they're all mature and have stunning screens. So it comes down to what she wants to do with it.

If she have a phone of a similar OS, like an iPhone, it's often a better idea to stay in that ecosystem, especially if she wants to link them together. The iPad is more mature and has a broader range of software to support students, like Pentultimate. The only downside is that iPad doesn't come with a stylus, so if she wants to handwrite notes in school, she'll need to buy a third party stylus or a blueooth keyboard. If she wants something with a stylus, the Samsung Galaxy Note III is the way to go. It's not as large as a tablet, but it's pretty good for note taking.

The Microsoft Surface 2 is an attractive option as well. With a keyboard, it can double as a laptop, and it comes with Microsoft Office built in. The pro version has the full version of Windows. If she needs to run specific PC programs, then a Surface 2 Pro is the way go. The Lenovo Carbon Touch is a good one, as is the Lenovo Yoga.