Leo Got Xbox One and Couldn't Stop Playing It

Episode 1033 (01:34)

XBox One

Leo got the new XBox One yesterday and hasn't stopped playing it. This isn't a cheap game console, though. It's $500, plus extra controllers, plus games, plus a required XBox Gold subscription. Since Microsoft has decided to build in non XBox gaming content, it's really a media center more than a game platform.

The real interesting part is that you can walk into the room, tell it to turn on, and it will turn on and greet you by name. You can launch games, watch HBO, and more, all by voice (although Leo couldn't get youTube to work on it). Sony, by contrast, is a pure game machine and Leo says that Sony may be missing out if the PS4 doesn't add additional media support.

Some issues though - you have to download several GB of updates for the Xbox OS and for many games you install. So you're not going to hit the ground running when you start it up.