How can I save the data on my crashed hard drive?

Episode 1032 (1:45:47)

Hamit from Danburry, CT

Hamit's Western Digital MyBook external hard drive crashed after his toddler got a hold of it. It makes a terrible noise now and he can't access it. Leo says the read head or disc arm has bent or broken. Sometimes it's possible to get a last use out of it by freezing the drive for a few hours. Wrap it in plastic wrap first. But that's a last ditch hail mary.

If the data is vital, he could take it to DriveSavers, and they can rebuild the drive in a clean room to save his data, but it's not cheap. We're talking thousands to have this done. So it comes down to whether or not the data is worth the cost. That's why Carbonite is vital. Backing up saves time, money, and pain.

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