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Watch Roseanne from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Roseanne is getting rid of her land line and is trying to decide between T-Mobile with a lot of data and having to buy a phone, or a free phone from AT&T. Leo says it doesn't really matter price wise, because the price is hidden in the contract with the so-called "free phone." It's just financed. T-Mobile is up front.

Leo says the only downside for only having a cell phone is 911. It gets routed to a regional center, which can take longer to get a response. She can, however, register her address with the regional 911 so they know exactly where to send help.

Leo suggests that she talk to her friends about which service provider they use and how they like it. Leo says that if Roseanne is going to go with T-Mobile and buy her own phone, then Leo suggests buying the Google Nexus 5 directly from Google. She can save money buying directly from Google and she can then use it with T-Mobile.

Watch Scott from North Edwards, CA Comments

Scott has heard that Chromebooks are being recalled. Leo says that the recall is applicable to the HP Chromebook, and it has to do with a potentially faulty power supply. So, just to be safe, HP is recalling them. This stuff happens and often it's just a precaution. Leo says that if he's going to get another one, avoid the Google brand because they are more expensive. The Acer and Samsung Chromebooks are a good deal.

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Watch Lisa from Downey, CA Comments

Lisa get a new Dell computer with a 256GB SSD and a 2TB hard drive. Lately, it's been slowing down and she discovered that all the data has been written to the SSD and not the hard drive. Leo says that Lisa should make her spinning drive the "D" drive and then direct Windows to put all her data onto that D drive. She can move all her data over to it and then remove it from her C drive.

She'll need to right-click on my documents, click on "properties," then "location," then tell Windows where she wants the data to go. In this case, that will be the "D" drive.

She'll also want to be sure that "Trim" is enabled on her SSD. Here's an article on how to do that.

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Watch Gordon from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Gordon has bad WiFi reception in his house and his kids are complaining about it. Leo says he should keep using the Verizon Versalink modem he has, even though the Wi-Fi access point hasn't been great. He should get a third party Wi-Fi Router router and plug it in. Buffalo is good, as is NetGear which is what Leo uses.

If he's a Mac user and doesn't mind paying a premium, the Apple Airport gives really good results. Then he can put the Versalink modem in "bridge" mode. Leo says that moving the router can also make a huge difference.

Watch Archie from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Archie is looking to get a new smartphone and is looking at either the LG G2 and the Nexus 5. Leo says that they're very similar in design, but the Nexus 5 has the advantage of being a pure Google experience. It'll also have the latest Android OS, Kit Kat.

The LG G2 has a 13 Megapixel camera, which is better than the Nexus 5, but the Megapixel count doesn't necessarily indicate a better camera. The LG G2 does have the advantage of better battery life, however. Overall, Leo recommends the Google Nexus 5.

Watch Pat from Anaheim, CA Comments

Pat is concerned about key loggers being installed onto his computer. What software can he get to prevent it? Leo says any good antivirus, like Eset's Nod32 will look out for that stuff, but it won't protect him against his own behavior. He could easily get a malicious email from someone he knows who got infected, and end up with malware. He should keep Automatic Updates turned on in Windows, too.

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