How can I keep my laptop from turning on by itself?

Episode 1030 (44:04)

Jake from Goldendale, WA

Jake bought a couple of new computers and he's trying to get them on his network. However, he's been told by Acer that he's been bit by a virus because his computer keeps turning on when he isn't using it. Leo says that he better be careful because that can be a scam. Leo says that it depends whether or not they ask for a $300 maintenance agreement. That's the sign that they're trying to pull one over on him.

Leo says that Jake's computer can be fixed by going into BIOS and disabling the "Wake on LAN" setting. Since the technician remotely logged into Jake's system, there may be a virus on it anyway. Leo advises running the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool (MRT.exe) to see what it finds. If he's been bitten, then Leo advises him to backup his data, format the hard drive, and reinstall Windows from a known, good source.