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Episode 1029 November 9, 2013

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Audience Questions

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Watch James from Los Angeles, CA Comments

James is still using XP, but he's looking at getting a laptop. He's wondering if he should try and get Windows 7 or move on to Windows 8. Leo says that moving forward, he should probably get Windows 8, however the irony is that Windows RT, Windows Phone, and Windows 8 Pro are incompatible with one another.

Leo says that Windows 8 is in an "awkward adolescence," which causes user confusion. Windows 7 is the best version to date, but moving forward, we are a year into Windows 8 now, so he may as well make the transition. He can tweak Windows 8 with Start8 from StarDock or Classic Shell to make it look and work more like Windows 7.

Watch Tony from Buffalo, NY Comments

Tony is having issues backing up with Super Duper with his iMac. He keeps getting permissions errors. Leo says that for some reason, some drives can become read only out of nowhere. So he will have to change it back. Tony says when he schedules a backup, even though it's locked, he gets the same error. Leo says the issue may be in the settings in Super Duper.

Watch Mike from Menifee, CA Comments

Mike needs to upgrade his computer for working out in the field and he's looking at a tablet. But he needs PDF markup. Leo says that the Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet is an 8" tablet that runs full Windows and it's get great reviews. And at under $400, it's very affordable.

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Watch Michael from Modesto, CA Comments

Michael is getting a buzzing noise from his speakers after a computer crash. Leo says that's very common and it's most commonly due to a power supply failure. Could it be the hard drive? Leo says not likely. Maybe a motherboard issue or a RAM issue. Leo says it could also be an overheating issue and a good cleaning could help.

Watch Zack from Dickinson, ND Comments

Zack is thinking of switching from Verizon to AT&T because he wants to get the Nexus 5 Google phone. But he just renewed his plan. Leo says he doesn't know what the early termination fee is, but it's not trivial. Leo says that if you want to just talk and text, you could use it as a WiFi device until then and use Tango or Skype to make calls when it suits you. But if you want to use 3G or LTE data, then yeah, you're stuck. Check out T-Mobile though.

Watch Dennis from Walnut, CA Comments

Dennis has a Toshiba Satellite that died a month after the warranty. But he says it's likely due to a virus because it seems that the keyboard has been compromised and all the keys are scrambled when he types. Leo says that it's probably not a virus, It could be a stuck key or a short circuit. Leo says to make sure the keyboard profile hasn't changed. See if another keyboard profile will work. Using a restore point could undo it. Also check out sticky keys in accessibility options. Leo says it's likely more that than any virus because Dennis plugged in an external keyboard and it worked just fine.

Watch Lance from San Clemente, CA Comments

Lance is having trouble with FireFox. He opened it and his home page has disappeared. Leo wonders if Lance had iGoogle and it disappeared when IGoogle was turned off. He advises going with MyYahoo. Similar and much of the same services. Protopage is another. NetVibes. IGHome is very close to iGoogle's design.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Anne from Yorba Linda, CA Comments

Anne needs to get a new laptop and her budget is $250. She's seen a Toshiba with a "celeron" processor. Isn't that really old? Leo says that Celeron is back, though for reasons that Leo cannot imagine. But for the price, it's probably a good deal at $229. You also may want to check out the Google Chromebook.

Watch Jess from Oroville, CA Comments

Jess has the Nexus 5 and can't seem to get Google Now working. Leo says you have to sign up for Google Now for it to work. So you just give the app your GMail account and then swipe to the right. Go into settings and make sure it's enabled. Resetting your phone may be the key.

Watch Marion from Apple Valley, CA Comments

Marion listens to Leo's shows on her desktop but wants to also listen to it on her mobile phone when she's driving. Leo says that I Heart Radio is a great app that streams Leo's shows, as does Tune In Radio. CBS Radio is also an option. With those three, there's pretty much no station you can't get.

Watch Jim from Simi Valley, CA Comments

Jim is running Internet Explorer 10, and keeps getting error messages saying that "Internet Explorer has stopped working". There are a lot of things that can cause a browser to crash. He should first update Internet Explorer to version 11, which is the latest. He'll have to go to and install it from there, because it won't be in his System Updates yet. If that doesn't fix it, he should reset the browser.

Since he's having the same problem with Windows Live Movie Maker, Leo thinks there may be a damaged DLL (Dynamic Linked Library) that both IE and Movie Maker are calling on. There are a couple of things he can do. He should first make sure all of Windows is intact. He should click Start > Run, then enter "fsc /scannow". This will run through all of the Windows files that are supposed to be installed by Windows to make sure they're intact. If he does find a problem, he will need his Windows Install Disc. If he has that disc, he could always run that Windows Install Disc, and just before it installs he should choose "Repair". That will fix any damaged DLLs.

Watch Lee from Spring Hill, FL Comments

Lee wonders why more people don't go with prepaid options for cell phones. He gets unlimited talk, text, and some data for under $40 a month. Leo says it's people who use more data, want better data speeds, and want a specific phone that go with the contract plans. But it's a good idea not to write off the prepaid options, because it might be a good way to go.

Watch Jay from Providence, NC Comments

Jay is looking to build a website and wants to know what language to use. Leo suggests going to because they can do both hosting and software. It's a great way to get started.

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