What's the best internet option for rural areas?

Episode 1028 (2:17:15)

Louis from Peterborough, Ontario

Louis has an internet radio program and wants to know what Leo would recommend for satellite internet where he is. Leo says that it's often a problem in rural areas because it's not financially viable to install it. All satellite options have the same flaws of expensive equipment and latency, which is terrible for live podcasting, gaming, and VOiP. Leo's current preference is Wild Blue, which is a brand of Exede. Leo says it's very fast, but it isn't cheap ($50 for 10GB, up to 10MBps).

If he's in range of a good 4G signal, then a MiFi card would be another good option. $60 for 5GB. What about T-Mobile's unlimted? Leo says it would be a good choice if it's available in his area.