How can I connect my gaming PC to my HDTV?

Episode 1028 (14:55)

Asher from St John's, Newfoundland, Canada
Google Chromecast

Asher is moving to Toronto, but he won't be able to use the same ISP where he's going. He's wondering what ISP he should choose. Leo says he's not a fan of Rogers. Too expensive and terrible service. If he can get an ISP with fiber, that would be ideal. The Chatroom says that Bell Canada is available in Toronto.

He's also going to build a "NerdCave," with a gaming PC at its heart. He wants to be able to link it to the HDTV via Chromecast. Leo says that the problem there will be latency. It'll work fine for YouTube, Movies, Television, etc though. An AppleTV would be a good solution as well.

He currently has a Roku. Leo says that Roku will work great with PLEX through his PC. He can get better Netflix through Chromecast because of how they do it, though. Leo also says that if he connects via a long HDMI cable, he'll be able to eliminate latency.

The Chatroom also suggests getting a Raspberry Pi computer.