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Watch Asher from St John's, Newfoundland, Canada Comments

Asher is moving to Toronto, but he won't be able to use the same ISP where he's going. He's wondering what ISP he should choose. Leo says he's not a fan of Rogers. Too expensive and terrible service. If he can get an ISP with fiber, that would be ideal. The Chatroom says that Bell Canada is available in Toronto.

He's also going to build a "NerdCave," with a gaming PC at its heart. He wants to be able to link it to the HDTV via Chromecast. Leo says that the problem there will be latency. It'll work fine for YouTube, Movies, Television, etc though. An AppleTV would be a good solution as well.

He currently has a Roku. Leo says that Roku will work great with PLEX through his PC. He can get better Netflix through Chromecast because of how they do it, though. Leo also says that if he connects via a long HDMI cable, he'll be able to eliminate latency.

The Chatroom also suggests getting a Raspberry Pi computer.

Watch Brian from Santa Ana, CA Comments

Brian just ordered the Google Nexus 5 and wants to get a wireless charger. Leo says that he'll want to get a QI charger, but he also says wireless is over hyped. Leo also says that the Nexus charger is junk because it's slanted and the phone slides off. The chatroom says that the next generation Google Charger is different though, and has magnets to help keep the phones in place.

Leo's favorites are the Anker, and there's a dual charger that Energizer makes. Nokia also makes one that's pretty good.

Watch Bob from Clearwater, FL Comments

Bob is looking to get a new cellphone to replace his old Motorola Razr flip phone. He's wondering about the Moto X. Leo loves the Moto-X! It's especially cool because it's made in the USA, and can customize the colors. Leo says Google Now works great also.

Watch James from Niles, MI Comments

James' wife needs a new iMac for her doctorate and James wants to know if they should outfit it with a Fusion Drive or not. Leo says that the Fusion Drive is a little faster, but if they don't need a ton of storage, they should skip it and get it with an SSD instead. They are a lot faster. In fact, they are often faster than the bus! Also, Fusion drives have trouble dual booting into Windows with Boot Camp because Windows doesn't understand what to do with the Fusion Drive.

Watch Julian from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Julian uses assistive technologies and there is a Best in Tech Conference on November 16 in Culver City. It's free. Leo says that is a great conference and he's happy to let Julian plug the conference every year. Assistive technology is helping to empower the disabled and democratizing media.

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Watch Al from Boise, ID Comments

Al has an LG Tone+ headphones and it annoys him that the latex band lays on his neck. Leo says that Crokies may work for it, but it will likely be a DIY solution. There are bluetooth earbuds, but Leo says that they don't really work well.

Watch Donald from Denver, CO Comments

Donald upgraded his MacBook Pro to OS X Mavericks, but now he can't print. He has the printer connected to a PC, and is using Printer Sharing in Windows to print from the Mac. Leo says that Donald will have to delete and then re-add his printer.

Leo also says that there's a utility called CUPS, which can work if his printer is too old to be supported. Apple has a technote here that says whether or not he can use the generic PCL driver. There's also GIMP Printer.

Watch Juan from New London, CT Comments

Juan is disappointed that Google stopped using dessert designations for its Android operating system. Leo says that it's likely because of a deal between Google and Nestle to name it Kit Kat, even though Google claims no money changed hands. That only means they're handling the transaction in another fashion. Leo doesn't like that because it just commercializes it.

Watch Juan from New London, CT Comments

Juan's girlfriend wants an iPad mini, but he's been thinking about a Chromebook instead. Leo says that the Google Nexus 7 would be a better choice for games and internet. Chromebooks won't really play games. Leo says they're underpowered, too. The Chromebook does have a keyboard, but he can also get a bluetooth keyboard to use with a tablet.

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Watch Sam from Acton, CA Comments

Sam's business runs XP and he's concerned that when Microsoft stops supporting it, they'll be out in the cold. Leo says he understands wanting to stick with what works, but at some point he'll have to move forward. So it may be a good idea to get the latest version of Windows server or at least move up to Windows 7.

Watch Yvonne from Glendora, CA Comments

Yvonne is looking at the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 because she likes to use Corel Draw. Leo says that it would be an excellent choice for both that and for using conventional Windows applications. Great battery life, and 200GB of SkyDrive storage too. It is a tad pricey, but Leo's not of the opinion that you should "save money" when buying a computer.

Another option is the Lenovo Yoga, which comes with a keyboard. But she can always buy an attachable keyboard for the Microsoft Surface Pro 2.

Watch Bob from Bradenton, FL Comments

Bob has a new Mac running Mountain Lion, and wants to know whether or not he should upgrade to Mavericks. Leo says he moved every Mac he has over to Mavericks and he likes it. He downloaded it once and then moved it to a USB key to install to other computers. The only issue he sees is that older devices like old printers may not work. If he has dedicated business software, he'll want to be sure it's supported.

If he doesn't like it, can he roll back? Leo says he can reinstall the original version, but not roll it back. He would just use the built in recovery or use CMD+Option+R and it'll download and install the previous version.

Watch Louis from Peterborough, Ontario Comments

Louis has an internet radio program and wants to know what Leo would recommend for satellite internet where he is. Leo says that it's often a problem in rural areas because it's not financially viable to install it. All satellite options have the same flaws of expensive equipment and latency, which is terrible for live podcasting, gaming, and VOiP. Leo's current preference is Wild Blue, which is a brand of Exede. Leo says it's very fast, but it isn't cheap ($50 for 10GB, up to 10MBps).

If he's in range of a good 4G signal, then a MiFi card would be another good option. $60 for 5GB. What about T-Mobile's unlimted? Leo says it would be a good choice if it's available in his area.

Watch Joe from Austin, TX Comments

Joe is going to be getting Google's 1GBps Internet access in Austin soon, and he wants to know what DVR he can use. Leo says that third party DVRs are getting harder to find, but TIVO is probably the best option. He wants to get his old programs off the old cable DVR, though. Leo says that the DVR is likely encrypted digitally, so he wouldn't be able to. He could, however, exploit the analog hole by using component cables. It'll be HD, but not digital.

Watch Joyce from Bakersfield, CA Comments

Joyce's laptop stopped installing updates. It keeps looping during configuration. Leo says Joyce has a stuck update and it can be concerning because it could indicate malware is on her computer. She's thinking about just buying a new computer and giving her old one to her son. Leo says that's a good idea, but she should just make sure she wipes the hard drive and install Windows fresh so they don't have access to her data. Should she upgrade to Windows 8? Leo says that moving to Windows 8 is a good idea, but Leo suggests getting a laptop with Windows 7 and wait until Windows 9 comes out.

Watch Yoshi from San Diego, CA Comments

Yoshi wants to know what Leo thinks about the Occulus Rift, a virtual reality helmet that was started on Kickstarter. Leo says we've seen virtual reality head gear for 20 years. But as computers have gotten faster and more affordable, the technology has improved. The Occulus has great response time, but the bad thing is that the graphics resolution isn't really that great, and there aren't many games that support it. So while it's cool, it's also mostly useless. It's a great idea, but we're not there yet.