What computer should I buy for school?

Episode 1027 (1:17:08)

Alex from New York, NY
HP Chromebook

Alex wants to get a new computer for school and gaming. Leo says he could get a laptop, but Leo likes the idea of an iPad Air and a bluetooth keyboard. Logitech has one called the Keyboard Folio. The iPad is around $500 for the Wi-Fi version, and then another $100 for the keyboard. He'd be right in within his budget.

Another option, though, is a Chromebook. He won't be able to game on it, but it could be a good option for homework using Google Docs. The HP Chromebook 11 is $279.

The Chatroom says that the Microsoft Surface 2 running Windows RT has some nice features. It comes with Microsoft Office 365 free and can be a tablet and laptop if he buys the touch cover. It's $449 for 32GB, plus $100 for the keyboard. He also will get 32 GB of Skydrive storage. It's a great deal and still under his budget. Nokia is coming out with the Lumia 2520, which will be a great option as well.