Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1027 (22:39)

Scott Wilkinson

Scott went and saw Ender's Game yesterday and he really liked it. The movie follows the book rather nicely, even though they cut out a lot. He found it interesting that Ender's Game wasn't released in 3D, and there's some scenes that would really lend well to it. The director decided not to because the long space shots, and long lens shots wouldn't play well in 3D. Leo says he likes that a director is making an artistic choice to not show it in 3D, and Scott agrees. Scott saw it at the new TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood. TCL makes HDTVs and are making a push into the US. Leo says that all his TVs at the Brickhouse Studios are TCL because they're very affordable. Scott says that TCL is no newcomer -- it's the third largest TV manufacturer next to LG and Samsung.

Scott and Leo are also advising not to buy an UHD TV right now. Not only because there isn't any content, but because the standards just aren't cemented yet. There is no reference standard at this point, and any TV you buy today may not be compatible tomorrow.

Leo says that yesterday was moving day and that the movers came with an HDTV Box to move it in. He says that they were very careful and have been trained how to properly movie expensive technologies like HDTVs.