How can I restore data from a crashed hard drive?

Episode 1027 (1:28:20)

Paul from Columbus, OH

Paul's computer is running Carbonite and after a power outage the D drive of his computer can't be recognized and it won't backup. Leo says that Carbonite doesn't backup a second drive by default. So he'll have to go into the settings to enable it. The drive does spin up, but it just can't be recognized. Leo says that software can recover the data, but it could be that the board got fried. Fortunately, Paul had a guy that did just that and they've been able to read some of the data. Drivesavers can recover all the data, but it isn't cheap. They do it in a clean room, replace all the defective parts, and then recover the data. It's thousands of dollars to do it, though. Leo suggests trying SpinRite first.

This is why it's key to have a 3-2-1 backup strategy. Three backups, on two different forms of media, with one off site.

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