How can I recover my system after being infected with Malware?

Episode 1027 (1:36:34)

Ellen from La Crescenta, CA

Ellen's son is a gamer and he's run into an issue with Internet explorer. Leo says at 14, he probably went to somewhere he shouldn't have. Now she has to do a restore, but she has no restore points. Leo says that's a common thing that hackers will do. They erase all restore points to prevent you from doing just that. Leo says that if she has a backup on a separate hard drive, then she could restore from that. She tried and got a blank screen, though. Leo says that the bad guy could've gotten access to that hard drive as well, but he says it could also just be a failed restore. She should try again. At the very worst, grab the recovery disks, format the hard drive, and reinstall. This is really the only way to be sure anyway.