How can I calibrate my monitors?

Episode 1027 (42:19)

David from Northridge, CA
Spyder Pro

David's laptop is dying so he needs to buy a new one. He likes to do Photoshop and wants to be able to calibrate it to his monitor. Leo says that the current run of color profiles from Microsoft and Adobe are pretty accurate, but if he wants to calibrate his monitor, a Spyder calibrator will work.

David says the secondary monitor won't calibrate, though. Leo thinks it could be that the operating systems won't allow separate color profiles for different monitors. The chatroom says it's an ongoing issue with Spyders. David could make the second monitor the main monitor and then recalibrate it to get a profile, but whether he can use both at the same time is anyone's guess. It's likely that the video card won't support multiple profiles. A more expensive video card would solve that.

Why care about calibrating? Because reflective nature of photos can make colors look differently on the printed page than they do from the monitor. Spyders can help bridge that gap, although he'll never really get them perfect.

Leo says if he can get a Mac, that would be a good option for his next laptop.