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Watch Karen from Charlottesville, VA Comments

Karen is having trouble with her MacBook Air running OS X Mavericks. She didn't like it and decided to install Windows on it with Boot Camp. Now her sound doesn't work. Leo says this be happening because she got rid of OS X to put Windows on it, and Boot Camp drivers aren't supported on Vista. She'll have to install Windows 7, and that would require re-installing OS X again.

Leo also said that according to the chatroom, if she installs Vista Service Pack 1, it should work properly.

Watch Mark from Santa Ana, CA Comments

Mark says that SandBoxie is a great way to avoid the FBI Scam Ransomware. It creates a sandbox and if it gets corrupted, the user can just turn off the computer and turn it back on and the ransomware goes away. The only problem is that Silverlight doesn't work in it. Leo says Microsoft doesn't want to support it anymore anyway.

Mark also wants to use Apple Text to Speech on his Mac and it stutters. Leo says upgrading to OS X Mavericks should clear that up. And it's a free upgrade.

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Watch David from Northridge, CA Comments

David's laptop is dying so he needs to buy a new one. He likes to do Photoshop and wants to be able to calibrate it to his monitor. Leo says that the current run of color profiles from Microsoft and Adobe are pretty accurate, but if he wants to calibrate his monitor, a Spyder calibrator will work.

David says the secondary monitor won't calibrate, though. Leo thinks it could be that the operating systems won't allow separate color profiles for different monitors. The chatroom says it's an ongoing issue with Spyders. David could make the second monitor the main monitor and then recalibrate it to get a profile, but whether he can use both at the same time is anyone's guess. It's likely that the video card won't support multiple profiles. A more expensive video card would solve that.

Why care about calibrating? Because reflective nature of photos can make colors look differently on the printed page than they do from the monitor. Spyders can help bridge that gap, although he'll never really get them perfect.

Leo says if he can get a Mac, that would be a good option for his next laptop.

Watch Samuel from Canberra, Australia Comments

Samuel is coming to the States next year and he needs a recommendation for a smartphone and carrier. Leo says that T-Mobile may be his best bet because it's GSM. AT&T is another option, but Leo prefers TMobile. He'll need an unlocked phone, then it's just a matter of buying a SIM.

Watch Valerie from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Valerie wants to know if she can print something from her Android phone. Leo says she can, using Google Cloud Print. It uses the Internet and would let her print from anywhere in the world, but she would need a printer that supports it. She can also send it to Kinkos. Apple has AirPrint for the iPad and iPhone as well.

Watch Alex from New York, NY Comments

Alex wants to get a new computer for school and gaming. Leo says he could get a laptop, but Leo likes the idea of an iPad Air and a bluetooth keyboard. Logitech has one called the Keyboard Folio. The iPad is around $500 for the Wi-Fi version, and then another $100 for the keyboard. He'd be right in within his budget.

Another option, though, is a Chromebook. He won't be able to game on it, but it could be a good option for homework using Google Docs. The HP Chromebook 11 is $279.

The Chatroom says that the Microsoft Surface 2 running Windows RT has some nice features. It comes with Microsoft Office 365 free and can be a tablet and laptop if he buys the touch cover. It's $449 for 32GB, plus $100 for the keyboard. He also will get 32 GB of Skydrive storage. It's a great deal and still under his budget. Nokia is coming out with the Lumia 2520, which will be a great option as well.

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Watch Paul from Columbus, OH Comments

Paul's computer is running Carbonite and after a power outage the D drive of his computer can't be recognized and it won't backup. Leo says that Carbonite doesn't backup a second drive by default. So he'll have to go into the settings to enable it. The drive does spin up, but it just can't be recognized. Leo says that software can recover the data, but it could be that the board got fried. Fortunately, Paul had a guy that did just that and they've been able to read some of the data. Drivesavers can recover all the data, but it isn't cheap. They do it in a clean room, replace all the defective parts, and then recover the data. It's thousands of dollars to do it, though. Leo suggests trying SpinRite first.

This is why it's key to have a 3-2-1 backup strategy. Three backups, on two different forms of media, with one off site.

(Disclaimer: Carbonite is a sponsor)

Watch Ellen from La Crescenta, CA Comments

Ellen's son is a gamer and he's run into an issue with Internet explorer. Leo says at 14, he probably went to somewhere he shouldn't have. Now she has to do a restore, but she has no restore points. Leo says that's a common thing that hackers will do. They erase all restore points to prevent you from doing just that. Leo says that if she has a backup on a separate hard drive, then she could restore from that. She tried and got a blank screen, though. Leo says that the bad guy could've gotten access to that hard drive as well, but he says it could also just be a failed restore. She should try again. At the very worst, grab the recovery disks, format the hard drive, and reinstall. This is really the only way to be sure anyway.

Watch Reilly from Balston Spa, NY Comments

Reilly upgraded to OS X Mavericks and was surprised at how different looking the apps are. He'd like to get some of the older apps back. Leo says that when upgrading, OS X puts the older apps in a hidden folder, so he can find them if he hunts around. Reilly says there's new effects in Photobooth as well, which are very cool. Leo says that those are really cool, especially the hologram one.

Watch Chris from Riverside, CA Comments

Chris wants to go with a new phone and service (he uses Sprint) because he can't get 4G in his area. What Android device should he get?

Leo says if he's bought a lot of apps on iPhone, it may be worth just changing carriers and get the iPhone unlocked. If he can't do that, then both Android and Apple have so many apps now that he can make the switch and still get apps that he likes. Leo hates the iPhone keyboard anyway. He should choose the carrier that's best in his neighborhood.

Watch Gail from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Gail did the update to iOS 7 on her iPad and she hates it. Especially the calendar. Leo says that since she can't really go back, he suggests FantastiCal, Agenda, and AnyDo.