What phone should I buy to replace a Blackberry?

Episode 1026 (49:55)

Kira from Los Angeles, CA
Motorola Moto X

Kira has to replace her four year old Blackberry, and wants to know what to get next. She really likes the keyboard. Leo says that just about any smartphone can do what Kira is looking to do (Gmail, Facebook ,etc). The downside is that physical keyboard phones are dying out.

The Motorola Photon is a good option that has a physical keyboard. However, Leo says to also consider a phone with a virtual keyboard. She'll get a better phone that's lighter, such as an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S4. Kira says she wants a big screen though, so the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 may be a solid option.

Leo also likes the HTC One and his personal favorite - The Motorola Moto X.