What do you think of Nano Routers?

Episode 1026 (2:10:13)

Nick from Northridge, CA
TP-Link Nano Routers

Nick called to ask Leo his take on Nano Routers. They're cheap, and only cost around $30. Leo says these are travel routers, basically. There's no reason a router has to be big, it's just a computer. Leo hasn't used the TP-Link specifically, but he has used similar products. A router is a router, and its size doesn't really affect its functionality.

This is a good portable router, but Leo says that not many places offer hardwired ethernet anymore. If he wants to use it to extend his current network, it may or may not work. It uses a technology called WDS, or Wireless Distribution System, and there are differences in implementation with this. He'd get better results getting a repeater or extender from the same company as the main router.