Steve Gibson and CryptoLocker

Episode 1026 (28:11)

Steve Gibson joins Leo to talk about a dangerous new virus called CyptoLocker. Steve says an alarming number of people are falling victim to it. CyptoLock locks out all user data files and uses strong encryption on them. Leo calls it ransomware, but this is at a new level. If you get bit, they will demand $300 from you in USD, Euros, or even BitCoin. You'll have 72 hours to send them the money and if you don't, they delete the key and your data is useless. There's no guarantee that even if you pay it, you'll get your files back. Steve says this will become the new model that will dominate viruses from here on out.

How do you get it? Usually through Phishing. It typically comes from a legitimate looking address such as your bank. Steve says that backing up is now more important than ever. Be extremely careful before you click on a link. Leo says to go a step further, and don't click on links from Facebook, Twitter, or any direct or private messages. Steve agrees and says if you didn't go seek it, don't do it. Always initiate the action, don't let an action get pushed on you.