How can I get rid of Adware that installed with DoubleTwist?

Episode 1026 (1:36:49)

David from Redondo Beach, CA

David would like to get his iTunes library onto his Android phone. He took Leo's advice and got DoubleTwist. The issue he's having is that there's some adware on DoubleTwist which is causing problems. Leo says that AntiVirus doesn't perceive options in software as Malware if he chooses to accept the download. What he needs to do is refuse the installation of the toolbars for adware that come with it. It won't affect the installation of the software itself. Don't rush through the installation. Take it step by step so he can decide what he does and doesn't want to install.

David can undo it by uninstalling OpenCandy, the adware he wound up with. That's the difference between adware and malware. Adware usually provides a removal solution so the user can choose not to use their service. Malware doesn't. Having said that, he would rather freeware like DoubleTwist charge a few bucks, rather than try and monetize with adware that's hiding in plain sight.

David could try Clementine, which is an alternative to DoubleTwist and is open source.