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Watch EyeDocMark from Syracuse, NY Comments

Mark is a bit frustrated with OS X Mavericks because he can't use zoom control with his track pad anymore. Leo says that Mavericks has a few odd changes and that the two finger scroll up may have been part of those changes. He may be able to look in system preferences to see if it can be re-enabled.

Mark also has issues with Gmail in OS X. Leo says that it may just be a client issue. Leo uses GMail with with his own domain name and then forwards that domain email address to Gmail. He also uses FastMail as his IMAP server.

Watch Carl from Newport Beach, CA Comments

Carl's dad is looking to replace his HP laserjet printer. Leo says laser printers have plummeted in price, and suggests getting an all in one. Epson makes a great one called the Epson WorkForce. HP makes some good laser printers as well. If you want color, everyone makes them.

PC World did a roundup last December and they said the Brother MFP9970 was the stand out.

Watch Kira from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Kira has to replace her four year old Blackberry, and wants to know what to get next. She really likes the keyboard. Leo says that just about any smartphone can do what Kira is looking to do (Gmail, Facebook ,etc). The downside is that physical keyboard phones are dying out.

The Motorola Photon is a good option that has a physical keyboard. However, Leo says to also consider a phone with a virtual keyboard. She'll get a better phone that's lighter, such as an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S4. Kira says she wants a big screen though, so the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 may be a solid option.

Leo also likes the HTC One and his personal favorite - The Motorola Moto X.

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Watch Karl from Grand Rapids, MI Comments

Karl is looking to do some streaming on Twitch of his gameplay. Leo says that Twitch is neat because he can do just that, stream his gameplay. It's fun to watch, especially for a gamer. Users can create a community and do gameplay commentary as well.

Leo says that FRAPS software on a PC is one such utility for streaming gameplay. The Chatroom says the Hauppauge HDPVR2 GE is a good device. MakeUseOf has an article on it.

Watch Louis from Phoenix, AZ Comments

Louis says he's having trouble getting his Gmail lately. Leo says this has been the third caller with this problem. He adds that there was a problem with Google's Gmail back in September, but Google says that it's been fixed. Leo suspects it's more a local issue. Or it's possible that Louis's gmail account has been hacked. If he goes down to the activity link at the bottom right side, he can click on that and see if there's any nefarious activity going on. Leo also recommends looking at "All Mail" rather than any particular tab. Google has a technote on not getting mail as well.

Leo says it's important to know the difference between POP and IMAP mail. POP3 (post office protocol) is designed to use the server as a temporary storage place and it deletes them once he downloads his email. IMAP downloads a copy of the mail and leaves it on the server. Leo advises if he's using Gmail, he can disable POP so it doesn't delete his email from the server.

Watch Dave from Crystal Lake, IL Comments

Dave is using Western Digital's backup software with his WD External drive. How can he be sure he's backing up all his data? Leo says that he can't since WD uses a protocol that backs up all files into one big master file (or what Leo calls a big ball of stuff). Leo recommends more of a sync based backup option, like SyncToy or ChronoSync, which will backup all data and then sync any files that get changed.

Watch David from Redondo Beach, CA Comments

David would like to get his iTunes library onto his Android phone. He took Leo's advice and got DoubleTwist. The issue he's having is that there's some adware on DoubleTwist which is causing problems. Leo says that AntiVirus doesn't perceive options in software as Malware if he chooses to accept the download. What he needs to do is refuse the installation of the toolbars for adware that come with it. It won't affect the installation of the software itself. Don't rush through the installation. Take it step by step so he can decide what he does and doesn't want to install.

David can undo it by uninstalling OpenCandy, the adware he wound up with. That's the difference between adware and malware. Adware usually provides a removal solution so the user can choose not to use their service. Malware doesn't. Having said that, he would rather freeware like DoubleTwist charge a few bucks, rather than try and monetize with adware that's hiding in plain sight.

David could try Clementine, which is an alternative to DoubleTwist and is open source.

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Watch Dave from Northridge, CA Comments

Dave wants to know if he should get a 4K TV right now. Leo says no. There's no 4K content right now, nor any easy way to get it. UHD is just not ready for primetime yet. So he can go ahead and get another HDTV. TV manufactures are just trying to get people to buy it because HD sales have plateaued.

Watch Karl from Riverside, CA Comments

Karl got bit by the FBI Moneypack virus. Leo says that he will be able to get rid of it, but he may need to go to a professional. The chatroom says that this Neowin article outlines how to get rid of ransomware. Once he gets back into his computer he should backup his data, format the hard drive and then reinstall and update Windows.

Watch Nick from Northridge, CA Comments

Nick called to ask Leo his take on Nano Routers. They're cheap, and only cost around $30. Leo says these are travel routers, basically. There's no reason a router has to be big, it's just a computer. Leo hasn't used the TP-Link specifically, but he has used similar products. A router is a router, and its size doesn't really affect its functionality.

This is a good portable router, but Leo says that not many places offer hardwired ethernet anymore. If he wants to use it to extend his current network, it may or may not work. It uses a technology called WDS, or Wireless Distribution System, and there are differences in implementation with this. He'd get better results getting a repeater or extender from the same company as the main router.

Watch Serge from Kelowna, Canada Comments

Serge wants to get a new mirrorless camera and wants to know what Leo thinks of the Samsung NX210. Leo says that while he's never used it, it has a good price. He advises going to DPreview for photography reviews. He can go to the end of the review to get the summary. It's not perfect, but it has pretty good reviews. If price is an object, then the NX210 is a pretty good deal. Leo also says that the Olympus PEN cameras are good as well, but they're more expensive.

Watch John from La Habra, CA Comments

John has a Windows 7 PC and is worried that if he gets bit by CryptoLocker, he will lose his backups. Leo says that Carbonite has "versioning" which means it backs up different versions of his data. If his current copy is affected, he can always delete his data and restore from Carbonite. It's not a substitute for protection and behavior, but it's a good last line of defense. If he gets the virus, it's important to also wipe the hard drive, reinstall Windows, and run updates.

Watch Karen from Norco, CA Comments

Karen has a blog through Google's Blogspot and she's worried that Google might kill it since it seems to be killing a lot of its services. Leo says that while Google does kill apps from time to time, as long as she owns her own domain name, she can use Google's Data Liberation capability and just open a new blog somewhere else. It would be a hassle, but Google usually gives plenty of warning before killing a product.

Watch Michael from Lancaster, CA Comments

Mike would like to save his voicemail to his PC. Leo says that there are Android apps that can do it. There's a website called and, but they're not free. Leo also recommends using Google Voice. It will email him the audio automatically, which is great for archiving.