How can I get support for my Pebble Watch?

Episode 1025 (1:49:31)

GJ from Santa Barbara, CA

GJ has an idea for how to avoid the CryptoLocker virus. He says people can turn on "File History" in Windows 8 or "Volume Shadow Copy" in Windows 7. Leo says the issue is "hot backups". If he'd have a "hot backup" that is running, it will backup the encrypted file. With versioning turned on, it would be possible to go back to a version of the file before it was encrypted. So Leo says to be careful and not assume that all backups would be alright, but the new versioning in Windows 8 would help.

GJ got a Pebble Watch and it died after a few weeks. So far, he hasn't been able to get any support from Pebble, so he returned it. Leo says that these smart watches are interesting, but there seems to be a lot of return rates on not only the Pebble, but also the Samsung Galaxy Gear. Leo says that clearly the gang over at Pebble hasn't built up it's support division as it should. They probably didn't build the cost of support into the device, which is pretty obvious and unfortunate. But support issues don't plague just small companies. Larger companies have support issues as well because it can really suck up the profit margin. This is why Apple builds that support cost into the cost of the device.