Should rebuild my website?

Episode 1024 (28:49)

Andrew from

Andrew's web site is reaching the point where he has to decide if it needs to be redone completely with social media integration. Should they just update it or strip bare and rewrite from the ground up? Leo says it largely depends on the host. The host is an “ASP” host which is a very old format that relies on “dot net.” Leo says it largely depends on how dependent on dot net he is. If he's not married to dot net, then there's plenty of other options.

Leo's sponsor is SquareSpace and they are not only scalable, but also mobile responsive (meaning it can resize according to screen size – laptop, tablet, or mobile phone). SquareSpace is also good because it's template driven, and that's by and large “plug and play.” You don't have to be a developer.
You can also customize the templates. And you can update via smartphone apps.

Another choice is

(Disclaimer: SquareSpace is a sponsor).